Our Suppliers

Rectory Farm – 6 miles from our shop and very well known for their amazing strawberries!

Richard and Carla rent Rectory Farm from New College, Oxford and the adjacent land at Manor Farm in Forest Hill from Lincoln College. Extra bits of land are rented to grow potatoes in the surrounding area.  It has some easily worked land which was vitally important before tractors. Many crops at Rectory Farm are irrigation scheme constructed in 1964. The reservoirs ensure a supply of water which is vital when there are droughts.

Laggotts Farm – A family run buisness 9 miles from us, outside Hinton Waldrist, Oxfordshire.

B&G Nurseries – 40 miles away in the Vale of Evesham

B&G Nurseries was established in the late 70s by Bob Byrd and Nick Gorin and provided the foundation for the growth of Ferryfast. The nurseries have expanded over the years from just 2 glasshouse sites to over 400 acres of land and 9 acres of glasshouses across several locations in the Vale of Evesham.

The nursery grows an extensive range of products on its open land, together with large orchards of plum and apple varieties. The glasshouses provide a range of salads and exotic vegetables with seasonal chillies being a massive part of the crop. 

CERTIFIED FOR Red Tractor Assurance and LEAF Marque, B&Gs aim is to provide our customers with confidence about product quality attributes including food safety and environmental protection.