About Us

Fruit & Veg oxford

We are an independent family business, based in the historical Covered Market Oxford since 1952. Bonners was originally founded and owned by the Bonner family, but in 2020 during the COVID-19 outbreak, Gordon Piggot (pictured right) bought the businness, continuing and evolving the family business values.

As well as supplying local restaurants, bars and pubs, we also have our online shop for our home deliveries of fruit and vegetables, and other local businesses products in the Covered Market, to Oxfordshire – bringing your local, experienced greengrocer to you.

We are passionate about supporting local farmers and reducing the carbon fruit print across the food chain; reducing plastic packaging and doing all our central Oxford deliveries on foot, keeping those food miles low. We support our local farmers by showcasing their seasonal produce, ensuring fair pricing for them and reducing food mileage. To do our part, we sell fruit and veg loose when possible or bag produce in brown paper bags.  We are also members of Good Food Oxford.

We stock seasonal produce from our local suppliers (when available) and source the more exotic in-demand goods such as avocados and mangoes via the London markets. We stock a very wide variety of fruit and vegetables, as well as fresh herbs and nuts.

We’re open every day Monday to Saturday 8am -5 pm.